Let’s start exactly where your interest might begin as your first question could be:

„Why should I choose Mystic Nails?”

Everybody who is involved a bit more deeply in the nail beauty industry knows very well that Hungary is the leading nation in the world of high quality professional nail cosmetics. Most of new product innovations are coming from Hungary as well as new nail art and / or nail sculpting techniques.
Mystic Nails is a Hungarian brand. And not only a simple brand but also the first and so far the only Hungarian nail brand awarded with MagyarBrands Excellent Brand Award and the most prestigious Hungarian product award the Value & Quality Award founded more than 20 years ago. These awards strengthen us that the strict quality requirements we follow are highly appreciated by the market and the customers and we can be truly proud of all our unique innovations developed by us here in Hungary.
Gyimesi Dóra és Gyimesi László Magyar Brands

Why do our distributors like us being their supplier?

We ask them time to time and they say they like to work with us because of:

  • fast and friendly customer service
  • good availability
  • flexibility
  • excellent communication
  • quick & safe delivery
  • complete and professional product support
  • free training
  • significant international experience
But mostly they like to work with us because Mystic Nails is a family based company and we work according real human values which are important for us in private life and in business as well.

Mystic Nails csapat - A kedvenc műkörmösök napján

International presence

Mystic Nails has been represented at all the biggest international beauty exhibitions in such places like Madrid, Milano, Brussels, Belgrade, Athens, Rome, Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Palermo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Naples, Budapest and also in Bologna at Cosmoprof Worldwide, the world's biggest beauty fair & exhibition:

Currently Mystic Nails has distributors in more than 25 countries all over the world.

Want to become a distributor in your own country? Contact us now!

Our guarantee!

You have might already heard about Dóra Gyimesi two times Nailympics Champion, the founder of Mystic Nails who is the guarantee behind every single Mystic Nails product as nothing can enter the market unless Dóra approves in prior. We do not manufacture goods to be sold only but we make products to be used.
Our main strength is coming from the fact that all the Mystic Nails products are tested and used by our professionals in practice who would not let anything to be put in the range which does not offer real benefit to its users on the very best quality level. If you want to know more about our professional nail tech team please visit Professional team menu.

Sounds too good to be true? If you do not believe us then believe them ;)

Contact us today and become the member of the Mystic Nails family tomorrow!

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